Spotted Lynx Media has on many occasions been the first to report on new ESG inventions and concerns to different audiences; thus raising awareness. See stories below.

  • Pensions board disclosure of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations has become a major new policy in Europe with far-reaching implications for pensions holders. In February 2016, Elisabeth Jeffries signalled emerging change by explaining the relatively unknown but recently adopted landmark Non-Financial Reporting Directive in the magazine European Pensions. Article is linked here.
  • The (UK) Times: in 2007, Elisabeth Jeffries published three articles in The Times (UK) on two pioneering wave power schemes. This emerging sector had never been covered by the newspaper but became a major renewable energy development. Times articles linked both here and here.
  • The Spectator: in 2008, this prominent weekly published an article for the first time about a new carbon tax, written by Elisabeth Jeffries and linked here. It was one of several articles contributed by Elisabeth Jeffries on a range of similar themes. The tax became a significant environmental policy in the 2010-2015 UK coalition government.
  • Farmers Weekly: few farmers had heard of biogas (an energy-from-waste technique) in the late 2000s. So Elisabeth Jeffries interviewed an enterprising farmer setting up the first British anaerobic digestion plant powered by farm waste for a major feature in the trade journal (linked here) to introduce the opportunity to the farming community. Farmers Weekly had only published a brief news report on the subject. Years later, hundreds of farm biogas plants were operating in the UK, and biogas had been covered by all sorts of media, including radio soap The Archers.