Through a series of articles in the portfolio of publications by global publisher Springer Nature, Elisabeth Jeffries reports on business/environment themes, and R&D innovations. These are listed in reverse order chronologically.

Nature Index

Sept 2021 Pressure on ARIA to juggle risk in pursuit of breakthroughs

Apr 2021 Looming deadline on post-Brexti data agreement has researchers worried

Jun 2020 Governments detail gaps in scientific readiness for pandemic

Sept 2019 Museum volunteering among new impact indicators for UK universities

Aug 2018 European Commission consults the people

Nature Climate Change – a series of 11 articles for this globally high-profile publication

July 2017 – NatCC Nationalist Advance discusses climate policies of European ‘populist’ parties

May 2016 – NatCCCity Limits Final Published: describes constraints on local authorities aiming to reduce buildings emissions

Feb 2016 – NatCCFreeing Fossil Fuels considers carbon impacts of free trade agreements

Aug 2015 – NatCCFatisanEnvironmentalistIssue: reports on efforts to encourage policy makers to view palm oil through the health lens

Feb 2015 – NatCCComingCleanFeb2015: draws attention to then unacknowledged cleantech impacts from mining

May 2015 – NatureClimateChangeChangingCourseMay2015 describes initiatives to view/achieve carbon reduction through dietary policies

Juil 2014 – NatCCAfricaJuly2014: reports on media coverage of climate heating in Africa

Feb 2014 – NatCCFeb2014ClearStoreys: outlines gaps in national buildings data and their effect on policy

Sept 2013 – NatureCCSept2013PleasurePrinciple1: considers initiatives to use neuroscience to study our response to nature

Mar 2013 – NatCCEcofashion: reports on studies showing barriers to large-scale sustainable apparel manufacture

Feb 2013 – NatCCLostinTransition: outlines intellectual property barriers affecting cleantech in developing countries

Nature Energytwo articles for this high-profile publication

Nov 2017 – In the Dark: reports on an initiative to procure clean energy for refugee camps and communities

Jan 2017 –  Cultural Energy: discusses whether energy features play a cultural role in attracting tourists